Hummingbirds, etc. –The Yoga Humanifesto glides on….

An Evolving Poly- Eco- Yoga Humanifesto, from Pegasus at the Balance

Fifth Deep Breath

Yogis of the world unite and take your yoga off the mat and into the wider world!!

It is with an eye to beloved poets of today and last century that I bow for their gifts to us: the holy spirit of the human imagination from William Blake, the spirit of the local, from Charles Olson, the spirit of romance from Ezra Pound, and the spirit of social conscience from Allen Ginsburg, Ed Sanders, Denise Levertov, Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood, Octavia Butler, Maya Angelou, bell hooks, Gwendolyn brooks, Joanne Kyger, Anne Waldman and many others too numerous to mention. Yes, I know that none of these poets lived a perfect life. No yoga guru has done that either.
Okay, here’s Mary Oliver, because she cannot be resisted:
“The Summer Day”, last lines

…”Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Above all we need more poems, more dances, more art and stories. Take this one from South American mythology:

There is a Quechan fable about a hummingbird named Dukdukdiya. During a fierce forest fire, while all other animals stood in stunned fear, Dukdukdiya alone took action by repeatedly carrying a single drop of water in her beak to the flames. When asked why she bothered with such paltry efforts, she replied that she was simply doing everything in her power to stop the fire.

We can do this much, like the hummingbird, in our own homes. For the larger scale, we can research, support and vote for politicians who have the earth and its people at heart.

…to be continued, please weigh in.

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