Less plastic and more homemade mouthwash! The Yoga Humanifesto continues…

An Evolving Poly- Eco- Yoga Humanifesto, from Pegasus at the Balance

Sixth Deep Breath

Yogis of the world unite and take your yoga off the mat and into the wider world!!

We stand on the shoulders of giants. It is time for us as practicing yogis to stand tall, roll up our sleeves, and begin the work.

One front to fight on: the overuse of single use plastics in the home. To prepare for doing this, consider buying things (peanut butter, for example) in glass jars. When the PB is gone, wash out the jar and fill it with good water. Then add (recipe is based on a 16 ounce jar of PB) 5 drops of essential clove oil, 5 drops of “Ancient Robbers”/”Thieves” oil (blends of oils, including clove, one or the other) and 10 or so drops of your favorite flavor for mouthwash. I like peppermint. Other possibilities are spearmint, ginger, and wintergreen.

If you are interested in larger scale efforts to fight single-use plastics (most of these will linger longer in trash heaps on the planet than our lifetimes), consider following and supporting the “break free from plastic” organization:
This group has a yearly plastic collection project globally, followed by a letter writing campaign to encourage major commercial polluters (Coke, Pepsi, Unilever, etc.) to shift to a circular system of production and recycling and minimize the use of plastic in the process. This puts the onus of recycling back on the source that makes the profit, taking the burden off individuals and municipalities.

…to be continued, please weigh in.

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