Seventh Deep Breath, a REALLY deep one

An Evolving Poly- Eco- Yoga Humanifesto, from Pegasus at the Balance

Seventh Deep Breath

Yogis of the world unite and take your yoga off the mat and into the wider world!!

About a third through this first round of the Humanifesto, it’s past time to speak about gun violence. In a sense, our national epidemic of mass shootings is tied to the grievously wrong opinion by the Supreme Court in Citizens United (this is my opinion). THE opinion allowed money, in a word, to dominate elections. Why our country cannot manage to restrict money spent on elections and allow each candidate access to the airways in a fair and equitable fashion is beyond me (see Australia, for example). BUT the gun lobby, apparently, has loads of dough to spend to buy candidates, who then must pay fealty to it in the form of refusing to pass meaningful legislation to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people. When guns do get into their hands, these armed disturbed people invade schools, churches, dance halls, shopping malls and yoga studios. Yes, there was a shooting in Florida at a yoga studio a couple of years ago. This occurred ONE DAY after yours truly wondered out loud when such a thing would happen at a sanctuary for yoga.

These organizations work at lobbying for common sense gun legislation:

Today I heard that Amy Klobuchar is introducing legislation into the senate to ban the sale of automatic weapons (such as the AR-17) and give a deadline for their surrender and sale to the federal government.

We can do these things—get involved, make donations, and agitate for action. I can’t stop thinking that it is STATE imposed violence when we cannot make common-sense, life-saving changes.

The photo is at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas, last May

…to be continued, please weigh in.

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